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Snorkel Tour

Experience swimming with the fishes and explore the Marine Life!

Quick Details

Group of 1-4 People
Additional Person

Enjoy Snorkeling in O’ahu at a Local Marine Sanctuary!

Join us on an exciting excursion to one of Oahuʼs beautiful marine sanctuaries! On the ride out, the crew will provide education on local marine wildlife, coastal ecosystems, and safe snorkeling practices. Upon arrival at the site, a guide will then lead guests on a snorkeling tour over beds of coral and rocky reefs, home to a diverse variety of fish species, as well as turtles, rays, eels, and octopi. Snorkel gear and water is provided.

More Info on Haleiwa Snorkeling:

DISCLAIMER: All guests are required to check in with the captain, at the boat, 30 minutes prior to departure. Late guests cannot be accommodated as each charter operates on a strict schedule in order to maximize guest experience and time paid for.

What to Bring

Bring anything you think you might need on the cruise, including food and/or water, sunscreen, etc…