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Whale Watch Safari

Join us on the high seas as we search for pods of Pacific Northwest Humpback Whales!

Quick Details

Group of 1-4 People
Additional Person

Observe the Pacific Northwestern Fleet Whale Watching in Hawaii!

Be prepared to witness the majestic humpback whales display a range of behaviors, such as spouting, spy-hopping, and even breaching. It is not every day that you can witness one of the largest animals in the world going airborne within a few hundred feet of you, especially when some individuals can reach lengths of up to 60 feet and weigh almost 40 tons!

More Info on Whale Watching in Hawaii:

DISCLAIMER: All guests are required to check in with the captain, at the boat, 30 minutes prior to departure. Late guests cannot be accommodated as each charter operates on a strict schedule in order to maximize guest experience and time paid for.

What to Bring

Bring anything you think you might need on the cruise, including food and/or water, sunscreen etc…